Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Few of my Favorite Things

 Pink roses. Always bouquets at my house. I love flowers.

 Hummingbird chimes in my garden bedroom.

 Morning Glories climb my garden gate.

 Yellow flowers and sea shells are some of my treasures.

 Calligraphy by my daughter, Delaney, with one of our favorite 
scriptures about children seated round about the table 
like young olive shoots.

 My bird dish from Michigan, a blue pot of African Violets, sea shells, rocks, sunshine

 Books, books, books, books Some of these I helped write!

 A glass paperweight on my desk

 Sunflowers from my yard

 Milk warmed to make yogurt. I love to cook.

 Cookbook and tomatoes in a  bowl

 Baskets are filled with apples and pears from the orchard. At our house we love fruit.

At my house roses are a must!

Mama loves dried flowers and plants

Planter and garden vines

Our favorite pet, Ginger

Fresh peaches from Porter

 Cantaloupes and tomatoes from our garden

Pretty dishes
 I love dishes like my retro yellow bowl and my plaid platter, 
yellow Frankoma,
 Marshall pottery (pitchers, crocks, and bowls) and USA Hull brown pottery.

 The supper table with a pork roast and garden salad and watermelon.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fun in Pool

 Surviving 100 plus degree weather is easier with a back yard pool. We enjoy our pool along with our children and grandchildren. danny used a water pistol to try to get people wet?
 Dan Jacob and his daddy Joe, my son-in-law.
 My son Quinton with his niece Jessie and Audra with Madison her youngest.

 Uncle Quinton with Jessie Lynn.
 Uncle Alton, my son with his niece Emma.
 Grandson Taylor stayed underwater most the time.
 This shot came out blurry but I love how Daniel is laughing at his brother Jacob.
 Dad Joe and Jacob.
Alton and Emma
 Emma is so cute.
 Emma Irene throwing the pool dive toy.
 Grandpa Ron and our little grandgirl Madison who loved the water!

Jacob cheesing for the camera.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Morning at Audra's House

 Take my picture, Grandma.
 Little Grand-girl Madison
 Dance and twirl

 I can open it, Grandma!

 Taylor's pet turtle
Pretty dishes in the cupboard
Apples and tomatoes in a wooden dough bowl