Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Victorian Lady of Jenks, Oklahoma

This is the front of the Victorian Lady Bed and Breakfast where
Ron and I spent our anniversary celebration. It is in Jenks, a town just south of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
The Victorian Lady,  was a welcome retreat from the July heat.
 Well-kept flowerbeds cheered us as we were greeted by the proprietor, Deena Slass.
Inside she served us chocolate covered strawberries with dark chocolate. They were sumptuous.
And beautiful.
These lace curtains hung in the front bedroom.

Footboard of the bed in our room, a hope chest, and jewelry/photo box.

More Chocolate covered strawberries. ( My sister says Chocolate is not capitalized, but I beg to differ.)

An oil lamp over the dining table.
Decorative trim
A fine old clock
This piece was designed to hold nuts or fruit and the cones live flower blossoms.
Bed skirt of crocheted lace
Rocking chair fit for a queen
Lace bedspread

Headboard in another room.

This headboard was in the room we stayed in. I loved the wood floors, the paint color here and the wallpaper borders.
Coffee  service in candlelight
One of many paintings and art pieces with lovely old frames.
Blueberry Coffee cake is a favorite at this bed and breakfast.
Good to the last crumb.
Peach topped French toast was served for breakfast.
Plant in the kitchen some kind of violet.
Embroidered pedal covers on a parlor organ.
I loved this headboard and I love the blue walls.
Vases of peacock featheres were in many of the rooms.
Lots of Lace and artistry.
 Thanks to the Victorian Lady in Jenks for a wonderful visit.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Life of Roses

 Pink-Eyed Roses
 Fresh from the greenhouse. Bright and willful,
 Wrapped in buttery yellow parchment,
 Ready to please
 Soften with age in a few swift-passing days,
 Yet beautiful and joyful with life
 Begin to mellow, to lose intensity
 Unfurling, gradually losing their grip on life 
 Softly saying their farewells
 Holding still the fragrance of all they know
Fragile and sweet to the end.